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Travel: Chitwan National Park

The Chitwan National Park, the oldest park in Nepal (932 sq km) 200 km southwest of Kathmandu is most popular wildlife safari park in Nepal. Chitwan National park is the largest habitat for one horned rhino and it is also second largest habitat for royal Bengal tigers in Nepal. Other wild animals are wild elephants, four species of deer, sloth beer, jackals, leopards and many more endangered birds like giant hornbill, Bengal florican, black stork, white stork etc are among 450 species of birds found in the park.


The beach of river Rapti is a very popular spot in Sauraha. You can enjoy the best sunset view in a hot evening. It has outstanding feature with a unique ecosystem of significant value. It contains churiya hills, ox bow lakes and flood plains of Rapti, Narayani. There are more than 43 species of mammals.