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Nepal is a land for all seasons year around there are a myriad places to go, people to meet and sites to see. Year around there are exciting adventure activities.


Explore the major cultural, historic and religious sites of the three city of the Kathmandu valley each centered on is Durbar square where museums, temple, courtyards and squares level the best or traditional art, crafts and architecture. Traditional farming villages are also still apart of the landscape of the valley.


Imagine how the valley of Kathmandu must have looked in the morning of time when the mountains, hills, plains and woods of this beautiful earth had just appeared. Here was a lake of sparkling waters fed from the glacial rivers of the hills and mountains that surrounded it. At this hour of dawn, the himalayan mountains in the north, touching the very rim of sky, were the loftiest snowscape in the world.





The Kathmandu valley nestled in the cradle of the surrounding hills of the Shivapuri in the north Nagarjun in the west Phulchoki in the east and ..................... in the south is the main centre of fascination in Nepal. Kathmandu has a many distinct speciality from all the other cities of Nepal . It's more magnificent and unique with its temples,different cults,culture and traditions . Some decades ago , it wouldn't be the matter of over idolization to give it a name of " city of temple " which apparently justifies its name with the fact that it had more temples than houses. Only a few years later, due to more immigrants from India and other migrants of other parts of Nepal Itself, Kathmandu emerged as a growing cosmopolitan city. But it hasn't lost its significance and charm though . Kathmandu is still there to fascinate people of the world with its undying attractiveness.


Kathmandu Durbar Square

Among many fascinations of the kathmandu valley, Kathmandu Durbar Square is the most striking scenario which flashes a history of its own. The square dates back to medieval period which was also called a " golden age" of Nepal . Prosperity was beautiful at that time .



Bhaktapur as legend would have as belive, was emerged as a town alreadyfrom the 8thcentury. It's also almost as well known as an alternative name of bhadgoun. This city which lies about 16 kilomiters east of kathmandu is very ethnic town of newari cults.

And in the context of Nepal being full of temples, Bhaktapur has no less temples than other cities. Like other cities of Nepal, Bhaktapur has a lot of ancient shrines, temples and monuments. Bhaktapur also flashes the mystical history of the ancient time. Most of the residents are called jyapus one of the newari cults who are mostly engayed in agricalture. The main fascinatings of Bhaktapur are spirekke nyatapolo temple, the main durbar square, dattatraya temple, 55 window palace e.t.c.



About six or seven km. south of Kathmandu across Bagmati river lies just another city prominently known as Patan but has a secondary name of 'Lalitpur' which means a 'Beautiful city '. Full of arts . Full of cultures and traditions.


In a ture sense, it has even more to give to the visitors than Kathmandu if we are to indulge in ancient palaces, monuments, Chaityas and temples. Like kathmandu it has no less temples and monuments. The very famous Krishna Mandir is right here to enthrall the visitors. Here are even more Viharas than kathmandu. Here lies the magnificient Golden temple. Not only that, here also is the Mahabouddha Stupa similar to the one of Bodhgaya, India where Buddha is said to have achieved the enlightenment. The ancient palaces, squares are just as fresh as before. They still have the same importance as ever.


Krishna Mandir

It's very famous and special type of stone temple; all made of stone. From the second floor, Sikhara style emerges. It is said that the main divinity was installed in 1637. On horizontal beams the episodes of the great Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are depicted with the explanations of the story